Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why I am a Reader

I know a lot of people who say that they don't read, whether its a lack of time or enjoyment, I don't know. But I read for a number of reasons. One of those was illustrated to me recently.

My mom gifted me last year with a book from one of the best bookstores I have found, Title Wave Books in Anchorage. I can be sure that if she finds something for me there, she has put a little thought into it. She hit a home run with this purchase. It is a wonderful book called Surviving the Island of Grace by Leslie Leyland Fields. I was certain that I had blogged about this excellent book, because it had made such an impact on me. Apparently, I just recommended it to so many people that I felt I had written a review.

I loaned the book to my mom, who is now in the middle of it. We were discussing some thoughts from it, and I remembered (loosely) a description of the author's father-in-law's love of fishing, and the beauty of the fish themselves.

This, in a nutshell, is why I read. Those words that were on the page created in my mind a picturesque description to which I could relate. Not because I feel that way about salmon, but because the man in my life does, and it helped me to understand his passionate nature when it comes to wildlife.  And even now, a year after finishing the book, that passion which the author was able to convey still sticks with me. When I read that section aloud to Joe, he immediately jumped in with even more thoughts about the industry and his experiences.

Reading a good book takes time. It forces me to slow down, to spend some time pondering the emotions and ideas the author has taken the time to put down on paper.

And if I can discuss a shared experience with another book lover....even better.

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