Monday, May 23, 2016

Life as a Series of Constant Change


This falls under the "never-say-never" category.

While I don't have answers as to why God has brought me here, I really believe that he has. And in the meantime, I have down time. More than I want, but apparently, it's what I need.

I believe I've mentioned before that patience is not a virtue of mine. I'm totally willing to embrace change, to embrace love, to embrace newness and long as it happens quickly. Ha! Isn't that just the way we work.

It's beautiful here, in a much drier way than I'm used to. I know in a few weeks I'll be missing the rain, the trees, and the mountains. So in the interim, I'm going with the flow and waiting to see what God has for me.

And I suppose I'll have time to dedicate to writing again. It's funny, I always encourage people to express themselves artistically in whatever form appeals to them. For me, it's singing and writing. So why the reluctance to write?