Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Even the Cats are Smarter...

It's 2:21 am. I am up, because I am headed into work for a 3:30-7:00 am shift. That's dedication! Or, because I am practical, I look at the $...that's my gas budget for the month. I really didn't get too excited about the 3:30 start time, or the (only) 3 1/2 hours available, but, oh well.

When my alarm went off at 2, neither of the cats moved. I just got the evil eye(s). "Hey, stoopid...it's 3 hours too early! We're not budging, and you had better be here at 6 when we want our breakfast."

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here are a couple of pictures from our local flooding:
This is looking east over the Snohomish River from the Lowell area
And this is looking west over what is usually Stanwood farmland....water as far as the eye can see....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The News I've Been Waiting For

See, I knew my skinny friends were missing out on something.
Hey, it's on FoxNews...it must be true.
What a relief! I feel vindicated!

...irretrievably broken...

...those are the words on the dissolution (isn't that a nicer word than divorce?!) paperwork.Check Spelling

I guess now is the time to let you all know that I filed the divorce papers with the court this morning. It will be finalized April 15th. My reasons and the full circumstances of the last couple of years shall remain mine, but I can say that this was a decision not made lightly, or out of anger, and that I really prayed about it.

I asked God for some really clear guidance. It came, of course, in a way that I had not expected. That's usually what happens. Neon signs are good for those of us who are slow learners or who are sometimes oblivious to things.

My emotions are a little weird right now: I'm experiencing sadness over the fact that these things should have been worked out before they went too far; the feeling that I have somehow failed; and over wasted time. But I also am feeling that sense of relief, of renewal, and of hope that comes when a weight is lifted off of your shoulders.

You probably won't hear too much more from me on the subject. Many things are just too personal to put out on the internet, and really don't serve any purpose. I am thankful for the love and encouragement of my friends, for the scriptures that have been sent to me, and for the continued prayers and support.

And I promise to return to my deep and well thought out blog postings more often... :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Obligatory New Year's Reflection Post

Obviously this year has been one of ups and downs. On paper, the downs seem to outweigh the ups. But as I was discussing with a friend last night...surprisingly, when all is said and done...this has been a not altogether bad 2008.

I begin the new year with a sense of drive, of renewal, and of hope. Perhaps I am a bit of a "cockeyed optimist" (bonus points if you know what musical that is from), but I think that 2009 will be a good year for me.

I am ready (?) to start college this coming Monday. Work is going well. I have some really wonderful and faithful friends. The new-found relationship with my dad is growing. And God has been very present in my time of trouble. What more do I really need? Or deserve?

There, I'm glad to say that little bit of self-reflection is done. You possibly are as well.

Blessings to you all this upcoming year.