Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Even the Cats are Smarter...

It's 2:21 am. I am up, because I am headed into work for a 3:30-7:00 am shift. That's dedication! Or, because I am practical, I look at the $...that's my gas budget for the month. I really didn't get too excited about the 3:30 start time, or the (only) 3 1/2 hours available, but, oh well.

When my alarm went off at 2, neither of the cats moved. I just got the evil eye(s). "Hey, stoopid...it's 3 hours too early! We're not budging, and you had better be here at 6 when we want our breakfast."

1 comment:

  1. Just be glad that if you have to do this you are THERE and not HERE, where it is 4 below zero. Too cold to leave the warm covers and go outside.