Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ah...the Deep Thought for the Day

Not Wrong

Here's what I learned from last night's women's study:

When both parties are well-intentioned, because of the way men and women see things differently, they both can be right, because they are approaching the issue from different angles and perspectives.

The illustration that was used really hit home for me.

A home designer goes to a couples' home for a consultation. He wants granite counter tops, wood floors, and porcelain sinks. She wants Corian counters, tile floors, and acrylic sinks. Neither is wrong, but their preferences are based on expectations, things they have seen in the past, and sometimes, deep-seated desires.

The designer has a tough job. He has to take each persons needs/wants and merge them with the others to make both happy and satisfied.

We don't get a designer. Darn it. But we do have the tools available to merge our needs and wants so that both are met.