Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pride and Prejudice, Again.

Yesterday I finished one of my commute books, and in trying to decide what to listen to on my way to work, I landed upon Pride and Prejudice. I never tire of it, and re-read it at least once a year, and watch the BBC video every couple years. To get my Elizabeth and Darcy fix. It has everything nothing to do with Colin Firth. And I lie like a rug.

But listening to it may be even better than reading! Especially since the version I am listening to is complete with British accent, much more authentic than the one in my head.

I was pondering last night why this is a book for me, and many others, of which I never tire. Probably because the verbal sparring is still so funny, and male/female communication, while it is much different in style, really doesn't vary in substance. Let's face it...miscommunication between the genders is neverending. Its one of the biggest things that I try to focus on in my relationship. Don't make Joe guess what I am thinking/feeling/asking him to do. Why do we expect our partners to mindread? Perhaps it's because as women especially, we assume we already know what our men our thinking? Ouch.

So P and P is my standby. And I look forward to my morning commutes for the next month or so. Mostly.