Monday, April 16, 2018

On the Moral Character of Leadership

Currently in the news is the lovely detail about our president's sex life that he may or may not have had sex with a porn star about a decade ago. Many of my conservative friends have posted on social media that they "don't care" if he did it or not since it was before the presidency, thereby implying that Bill Clinton is more of a lecher since he was a perv during his presidency.

I think it goes deeper than that. And please keep in mind that this comes from a die-hard conservative.

When are we going to be completely honest? We, as a nation, chose a couple of crappy candidates. Let's face it, every election the "lesser of two evils" vote becomes more and more pronounced.

I DO care that President Trump potentially had a "relationship" with a sex worker. It shows a lack of moral character and decent judgement on his part. Does it negate his ability to be president? Probably not. Should I have voted for Hillary? Goodness, no. But I do care. It matters. We need to not blindly follow either party's candidate or elected official simply because we don't like the other teams' politics.

My last post was a long time ago. Right before the election. The division in this country is horrific. No longer do we have intellectual debate. We have us vs. them. It's disheartening.