Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lincoln's Birthday

We are indeed going through a trial--a fiery trial. In the very responsible position in which I happen to be placed, being a humble instrument in the hands of our Heavenly Father, as I am, and as we all are, to work out His great purposes, I have desired that all my works and acts may be according to His will, and that it might be so, I have sought His aid--but if after endeavoring to do my best in the light which He affords me, I find my efforts fail, I must believe that for some purpose unknown to me, He wills it otherwise.
~Abraham Lincoln, October 26, 1862

If you intend to go to work, there is no better place than right where you are.
~Abraham Lincoln, November 4, 1851


Like a gaunt, scraggly pine
Which lifts its head above the mournful sandhills;
And patiently, through dull years of bitter silence,
Untended and uncared for, starts to grown.
Ungainly, laboring, huge,
The wind of the north has twisted and gnarled its branches;
Yet in the heat of mid-summer days, when thunder clouds ring the horizon,
A nation of men shall rest beneath its shade.
And it shall protect them all,
Hold everyone safe there, watching aloof in silence
Until at last, one mad stray bolt of the zenith
Shall strike it in an instant down to earth.

~John Gould Fletcher
from Silver Pennies 1926

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