Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Clip Worth Watching

Here is a clip from a recent episode of ER. How sad that this liberal chaplain had no answer for this man. Many of today's chaplains in the hospitals and military of today have this same psychological babble that has attempted to replace the Word of the Lord. It's 2.5 minutes and worth the time to watch.

What would your response be to this man?


  1. I remember watching this episode. I thought how horrible that they protrayed this situation this way. I know its only a show, but I can remember thinking "Jesus loves you". I was never crazy about her character anyway.

    Jenni Addleman

  2. I would say that that man is, as Tozer would say, is feeling the weight of his sin and is closer to finding Christ than most who are in the church. If only more had that same zeal for answers.

    But what I would say to that man is that Christ has made it simple. He has made away for each and every one of us, no matter what we have done as all of us have sinned. All sin is equal, minus blaspheming the Holy Ghost. So what He is doing is offering you that forgiveness. He has surrounded you, chosen you, and hand picked you. Now, what you need to do. Is accept it and hand your life over to Him completely. Don't hold anything back, but give Him your all. Repent and receive.

  3. I saw that episode...I don't like the chaplin