Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Back...Almost

I've been sick in bed since last Wednesday afternoon. I'm almost back up and running...half day at work today. I have no voice. Very pleasant for everyone else in the office I think! Not that I would have the energy to boss them around anyway...

One would think that I have spent the last week confined to my sickbed thinking deep thoughts about my existance and using the time to read the Bible and commune with the Lord.

Sorry to disappoint. I didn't have that many working brain cells.

I did however, watch the entire first season of ER on DVD from the library. I couldn't read anything, as all books are too heavy. Yes, really. Holding them up would have been too much. The remote is much lighter.


  1. Haha...Iloved ER backin the day...before all the cute doctors left :(

  2. Let me know if you need anything, I can make a mean pot of chicken noodle soup! And I am glad you are finaly back up at least part of the time. :)