Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Was Feeling Smug Until I Compared Myself to Someone Smarter

Hey, this is funny. You can type in your URL and this magically determines your "readability". Apparently it didn't take the cartoons and goofy attempts at humor on my website.

By the way, Poiema, you scored a "genius", and I am torn by being very impressed, or very envious at my obvious lack of intellectual achievement.

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  1. Well now I have a few years on you ~~you will probably be "off the chart" smart by the time you are MY age. That is, if you stay away from comics!

  2. You should compare it to my blog. That will bring back the smugness. :-) My blog was rated "elementary". I am conscious of that every time I write, now. Am I using big enough words? Is there another way to say this that would make my English professor proud?

  3. Ashley~I think you just have to use the $26 words that impress the heck out of computer generated grading!