Friday, January 13, 2012

The Wall

Well, it had to happen. Mom hit the wall. Yesterday was the energy day. She wanted (understandably) to escape the house, so we went to the library for chick flicks. (Les Miserables, Calendar Girls, The King's Speech) Then, she wanted lunch. Are you up for it? Oh, sure. So we hit Chick-fil-A, yet another first on my culinary venture here in Arizona. Yummy. Then to the grocery store. Which is going out of business. Which means everything is on sale. Which means mom was in there wandering around a whole lot longer than she had any business doing.

So today we have been taking it easy. I did drag her to the park. In my defense, it's a short walk, and she's supposed to be walking. Then back home to watch Julia Child videos on you tube. If you haven't seen Julia (we're buddies) on David Letterman, watch this. Unless, of course, you had open heart surgery a week ago. Then it will hurt to laugh.

So she's back in bed. Wiped out. Not understanding why she's weepy. My goodness! She has no idea how strong she has been, and how incredibly well she is doing. I've seen a lot of post surgical patients, and I don't know of any who have done better than her.

I need to keep reminding her that post-procedure, today might not be better than yesterday, but next week will almost certainly be better than this one!

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