Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Review: The King's Speech

I think it is no secret that, in my opinion, any movie where I can gaze upon Colin Firth starring Colin Firth is probably worth watching. The Kingi's Speech exceeded expectation.

Firth won the Oscar for Best Actor, and the movie won for Best Film, and for once, I agree with the Acadamy's decisions.

The story is set in pre-WWII England, and is based upon King George VI's struggle with a stutter. After his older brother abdicates the throne to marry a divorced commoner (and an American, no less), the new King must make a very public, nationally broadcast show of strength as the country heads into war. I thought it interesting that while he fully understands that his position is as a figurehead, and that he has no real power, he takes his responsibility seriously that he "speak(s) for the people". He knows that if he is unable to communicate strength and national pride it will be detrimental for the country.

A beautiful friendship develops between the King and his speech therapist. Even though the therapist refuses to bow, and calls him "Bertie", he does so not from a lack of respect, but rather the opposite. He respects the King as a man, and wants to aid him in success.

I definitely recommend this movie. Mom does as well.

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