Friday, June 3, 2011

Your Poor Son Must Really Have Issues

A federal judge has ruled that a Texas high school must not only cancel any prayers at graduation, but that they must also not use words like: prayer, amen, bow their heads, join in prayer, benediction and invocation.

The lawsuit was filed by a couple on behalf of their son, who they said would "suffer irreparable harm" if anyone prayed (or apparently even said the word?) at the graduation ceremony.

Really? Is your son that much of a weak-minded 18-year-old that he cannot choose to ignore the prayer if he doesn't like it? Will hearing the word "benediction" send him over the edge to insanity? I shudder to think of the other words that he won't like hearing over the course of his life. Maybe he can get the ACLU to hold his hand throughout adulthood. His parents obviously think he needs it.

Read here: One of the Most Asinine Rulings by a Federal Judge


  1. We heard about a similar case while at an FRC conf last week:
    What this article failed to report was that the audience cheered this young scholar and enthusiastically joined her in the Lord's prayer. May her numbers increase.

  2. This is truly ludicrous. I can't imagine anyone would suffer irreparable harm if a prayer was said or not. I'd imagine atheists attend a great number of events where prayers are said and religious folks attend a great number of events where no prayer is said and yet both groups manage to keep on trucking.