Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Enter Here

Since I moved in a year ago, I have been slowly tweaking a few of the details in my little apartment. It's an interesting dilemma to try to balance putting my own stamp on my place, while also keeping in mind that in the next couple of years I will most likely be sharing that space with someone else. (And no, that's not an announcement...and I don't think anyone will be surprised when it happens.)  Thank goodness Joe loves color. Because I am on a color kick.

So here is the view at my front door: a mix of brightness with my white ironstone as the appropriate offset. The wall was already my favorite shade of green. The first time I saw the place, the landlord offered to paint it another color. I think I told him he might lose a hand if he touched it. It's perfect.

The turquoise shelf was found at a local shop, Poppyseeds, which has the most wonderful variety of painted furniture.  My mom and I discovered it in a corner, grabbed a fabric swatch from my throw pillows, and when I found that it was the exact color...well, what else could I do?  Right after a move is a terrible time (budget-wise) to buy an additional piece of furniture...but it was worth it!

The b/w photos are mine...local shots and scenes taken over the last couple of years. And the lettering on the walls? Those were fun. I thought, when I bought them, that they peeled off in three separate pieces. Nope. Individual letters. It took about an hour to get them just right, but they are a great finishing touch.

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