Saturday, April 25, 2009


When my mom was here, some good friends treated us to a dinner out at Scott's Bar and Grill in Edmonds. Now, obviously, I love good food, but on top of that, I appreciate food served with nice presentation even more (drilled in by my mom, the college home ec major, and my 8th grade home ec teacher). I started with an amazing French Onion soup. (Sorry it's a bit blurry, but you get the idea!)

Mom had the Almond Crusted Sea Scallops. I am not a shellfish eater, but these were tempting in their beauty! I had the Prime Rib, which was delicious, and had the hottest horseradish ever. The waiter warned me...

We both finished it off with the Burnt Cream. Which obviously I was so excited to get into my mouth that I couldn't wait to start.

The full menu is online. Go there. Eat lots.

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