Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ups and Downs...and Up Again

This has been "one of those weeks".

Buddy, the prince of all cats, has been sick this week with a completely blocked urinary tract. After a trip to his vet, and a rush trip to the kitty ER, and two nights in the hospital, he came home Saturday night for a trial run. Essentially, the big question is "will he pee on his own, or is he still blocked?"...and if not, I had decided to put him down the only other option is a $3000 surgery.

The kitty snuggled all night with me. He's really been my baby this past year. And this morning before work, I said my goodbye. Because there was no urine. None. And I was heartbroken as I headed out to work. My dad, who has really been supportive (financially and otherwise) with the cat-thing, agreed to take him to the vet for me.

Dad came and picked him up, took him in to the clinic, and waited out front. Imagine how he must have felt when they came back out with the cat and announced (he says very loudly to a full waiting room) that, "we're not going to euthanize your cat...he just peed all over the tech!" Nice going, Buddy. Dad says he is mortified and never going back there, as he is sure they think he is a heartless killer.

The little guy isn't out of the woods yet. But he is home. And I will be keeping an eye on him. He's still not feeling well. Rowdy knows this and keeps trying to get next to him and groom him. It's sweet. But I'm not sure how much more of the up and down I can take!

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  1. Our cat Samson had this prob and after $1200 it was taken care of. He's still with us. But it's VERY expensive to get them on the right track. I'm sorry you lost him. :(