Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Walk on the Beach

It's a rare and precious day in November when we have sun here. I'm so glad it is my day off! I live about a mile from the beach here in Mukilteo, so I took a drive down and went for a walk. With my camera.

First, the obligatory Mukilteo Lighthouse photo, complete with the ferry in the background.

Next, we have some seagulls, the official bird of Mukilteo. Not really. I think seagulls are really quite lovely creatures, if only I didn't know them to be the bird that will literally eat everything put in front of it.

I thought the tugboat coming through the channel was pretty neat, especially when I saw what it was towing...three cargo containers full of sawdust from the mill. Amazing what one relatively small tug can do. I am sure there is some spiritual implication in that...

The way the light is so changeable here is really interesting. All these pictures were taken within about a half hour of each other (at which time my battery in the camera went dead).

A good day.

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