Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I am Thankful For

  • my home
  • both of my parents are alive, mobile, and mentally sharp (sometimes a little too sharp)
  • an interesting job (with benefits!)
  • my friends
  • a great church...filled with wonderful people
  • Buddy and Rowdy (the kitties)
  • the opportunity to go to school this coming year
  • a (small) savings account
  • my little putt-putt

So much more comes to mind. Perhaps we should all make these lists occasionally to remember those very tangible good things that God provides for us. It's too easy for me to remember, and to dwell on, all that I feel is lacking. Really, looking at this list, its clear that my needs and much more are all met. Wow...


  1. Here is another thing to be thankful
    for, (It is one of the ones I am)
    Is the trials the Lord gives us...they help us get closer to him
    everyday! I am truly thankful for that. (Can you tell I am going through one?)

  2. You have had some significant life changes in a short time~~~Wow! I pray for great grace to be upon you through these transitions. It's healthy to count the blessings, but unfortunately, it's not natural. I, for one, tend to count the "minuses" more often. Thanks for the updates on your life.