Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update (and a lame joke)

All is progressing well on the packing, sorting, and throwing out front.
Also progressing on the training of the replacements at work.
Yes, replacements.
My job is being divided between two people.
I feel smug.
Of course, they have other duties as well, so I won't get too cocky.

And now I am sick. I mean rip-roaring-headache-fever-sore-throat sick. And yes, I'm at work. Hugging everyone. Well, not really, since I work with all guys.

Here is the funny part. I have a women's retreat this weekend at which I am leading worship. But I can't talk. One of the young guys at work (who thinks he's funny-and there is only one funny person here) says, "It's obvious God loves me more, since I haven't been sick all winter."

To which I replied, "Yes, but I'm a bigger threat to the Devil".

And some other smarty says..."Why, are you trying to take his job?"

Ha ha.

Oh, wait...that was a slam.

I'm too sick to care. Or to retaliate.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww. I wuv you!!! And I am praying for a very very very very quick healing!!!!!! May the Lord be glorified!