Monday, November 29, 2010

Using What I Have

Small Notebook is an interesting blog that I often read. Recently, the author posted on using what we have for Christmas decorating. This presents an interesting challenge, which I confess, I already failed, because I bought new candles. But I have been decorating today using some things that I pulled out of storage.

The garlands are up, but not yet decorated, as I am thinking about what I want to do with them this year. I think I am going to skip getting a tree. I am unwilling to give up the floor space. I am also unwilling to pick up the aforementioned tree every night after work. My kitties are naughty and inquisitive little beasts.

So this is what the Christmas decor looks like so far.  The cedar was cut from my dad's property this morning. I figure if it dries out, I can replace it as needed. It smells wonderful. The little fur mukluks were my mother's as a baby. Adorable! And the huskies were my grandma's. I remember them in her home.

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