Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Artist in the Family

I have quite an artistic heritage to live up to. My mom, Julie, has always been creative and talented. She sews, quilts, refurbishes absolutely useless pieces of furniture into something fun and usable, scrapbooks, and has a great eye for decor and design. Last winter, while wintering in Arizona, she learned to take a simple gourd and make it into something lovely.

This one is mine. She won't let me have it yet, though...she wants to show it to her siblings first. But it's mine. And they can't have it.

It's the smallest of the three, but I chose it because I love the turquoise, and that she used pine needles from her own yard to create the trim.

Mom was pleased to find the shell adorning the front of this one during her last trip to Washington. It was conveniently pre-drilled by nature.

The one  below is a gift for my aunt. This gourd is the largest. It has leather trim and sweetgrass around the top. And elk teeth. Aunt Jo will love it.


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