Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Childhood Home as I Know it is Gone....(subtitle: a trip to the ER)

Lest you think I am terribly sad...I am so relieved for my Dad's sake that it is sold! Now he is so fortunate that he will not have a mortgage payment at all. How many people can say that!?

Of course, the last weekend at the house was full of work, lots of work, cleaning, last minute closet and garage emptying after 36 years of accumulation, and detail projects that had to be done.

After the last bit was put on the trucks, we had a small 5 minute project to tackle. Really, it should be easy to install a new spring on the garage door. Until an 8-foot flourescent light fixture came down on Dad's head. Right in the middle of the bald spot. And shattered. Thank goodness he listens to me. I took one look, said "Oh, now we get to go to the ER" and he didn't even give me an argument. For once. They removed a 3/4 inch shard from his head and put 6 staples in to the 2-inch laceration.

He's fine. A bit of a headache. But also relieved to be done with the house!

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