Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From Here to There (and Back Again)

Now that my drive to work is around 40 minutes most mornings, and about 50 minutes in the evenings, I am using that time to de-stress from work, and to "read" some books that I haven't had much time for lately. In the mornings sometimes I like to listen to Seattle's classic rock station's (say that with a big booming reverb voice) morning talk show, which is a group of guys that discuss everything in the world. Their perspectives are always diverse, and I sometimes think they take opposite sides of the issues to make for interesting conversation. It's funny.

And on the way home I have been listening to Donna Leon's Commisario Brunetti novel, Suffer the Little Children. The books are set in Venice, and follow Brunetti's cases. My attachment to Brunetti stems, I find, from his relationships with people, particularly his wife, Paola. They share an ease and an appreciation for each other that I would emulate. Leon's books, however, make me wish I knew much, much more about good wine.

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