Sunday, May 24, 2009

You'll Just Have to Pretend

There are two reasons that there is not a "real" picture included with this post.  First, while Rowdy-cat is totally enamoured of the boxes that are all over the house...he won't stay in one long enough for me to get an absolutely adorable photo of him climbing in and out of them.  Second (and more importantly), my house is in that period of absolute chaos that comes with sorting, resorting, pricing for a garage sale, packing up non-essentials for storage (and should I be packing those at all?), and trying to keep out the things with which to live here for the next month or so.  And I would be horrified for anyone to see it.

So you'll just have to pretend that you see me sitting here amidst all my junk.  You know, I thought I got rid of stuff during the last move!

Ruthless.  Just call me ruthless.

The garage sale is June 20th...the countdown has begun.

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