Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Love My Job

...I really do.

Have you ever worked for a boss that works so hard himself that you can see smoke rising off the top of his head? It's tough, since you can't really complain to the hardest worker around. So...he has decided that since he and I have similar personalities (and capacity for pain), that I can handle not only my regular job, but also the job of the FCC compliance clerk for the radio network. No sweat. Because he could do it, standing on his head, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind his back.

I saw a poll a while ago that 67% of people think they are smarter than their boss. I freely admit that I am not one of those 67%.

Here's what's really the kicker. I love my job, and will work my tail off to get the stuff done that I need to...and he knows it...and loves me for it (I think!).

Now, I am done with my 15 minute lunch and must get back to work while the office is quiet.

And I must try to remember the verse about doing everything without murmuring or complaining. I have never liked that verse, Lord!

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