Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mukilteo, WA

Beautiful Mukilteo, my hometown. What I didn't photograph is the unhampered growth and the traffic. Let's just focus on the positive...

The 1905 Mukilteo Lighthouse (with the Vashon in the background).

Couldn't resist the photos of the official Mukilteo city bird. If you haven't been hit from above by one of these fine seagulls, you really haven't lived.

I met a couple of the ladies who volunteer their time making the lighthouse grounds just gorgeous, even in late October. Nice job, ladies!

Here's Lady, enamoured with my guitar case. She's my little sweetie, and was kind enough to give me my kitty fix during my stay at her house. I am convinced that my dad is just a visitor, and it's really the cats that are in charge.

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  1. These are beautiful photos! And that was a really sweet article on the Boxer!