Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've Seen Enough Dead Bodies and Don't Need to See Osama's

In my discussions with people in the last couple of days concerning the death of bin Laden, I have had a few interesting debates. I was actually called a pacifist. That's a first. Let me preface this by saying a few things: I am totally for the death penalty; bin Laden got his just deserts; and I am confident that in meeting his maker that he was more than disappointed.

But I don't need to see a picture of his body. Really. I believe that the desire for images of his death lowers us as a nation to a level far beneath us. If we want to revel in the streets, holding signs mocking OBL and others, and so on, how does that make us any different from those whom we find so offensive when we see news clips of them doing it in the middle east?

I think a much more appropriate response is to thank those serving our country whenever you see them. Display a flag. Thank God for our men and women who fight for us.  And pray that our nation doesn't descend further into chaos.

UPDATE: Whatever the reason, whether common decency or fear of retaliation, it doesn't matter, President Obama has decided to not release the photo, and I thank him.


  1. Just had aconversation on this very thing- I imagine a lot of people are discussing it. To display an image of the body is not unlike the old barbaric custom of impaling the head as a trophy. I'd like to move past barbarism.

  2. It also disturbs me when people celebrate outside of prisons where an execution has taken place. Justice should be meted out, but as a serious act, not one of jubilance.