Monday, May 17, 2010

Wishing I Could Feel Guilty...

I am sitting here in the new apartment, listening to Mom as she is working on reupholstering my two dining room chairs. It's 1120 pm, and we had a nice dinner and coffee with my prodigal son and his girlfriend. But here is mom, back at the place, plugging along on the sewing machine.

I bought the two chairs a year ago at IKEA, because they were on clearance (for $20 a piece), and are a nice shape, and, after all, how hard can it be to get slipcovers or reupholster them? Oops. No slipcovers "hey Mom, can you do my chairs while you are here?". She should have said "no". I think she's put in about 12 hours on them. They look great, and they aren't even done. But they will be wonderful. I have great faith in her.

She probably wishes she'd put her foot down...but oh, I can't even feel a bit guilty!

Pictures to follow (if she ever finishes them!).

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