Monday, September 10, 2007

Great Things about the Upper Midwest

Last Saturday night on the regional evening news:
  • The native American PowWow was rained out
  • Minot Air Force Base sponsored it's annual airshow
  • and Minot's Downtown Fall Festival was enjoyed by all
Not one murder, rape, or assault. Boring, yes....but isn't that refreshing?


  1. I love knews like that! Plus I heard you have had quite the weekend with the club down the street... shall we go get a couple soap boxes?

  2. It was so loud after 9pm that we could not hear the TV. No kidding. I put in my earplugs and had 2 pillows over my head. And the lead singer got worse as the night went on...kept going for notes that he was not qualified for! :)

  3. Don't ya just hate it when they do that? Let's seriously go out there some night and hand out tracks... up for it?

  4. Sometimes I miss midwestern life, but honestly I really miss the drama of the city. I'm homesick for Oakland!