Monday, August 6, 2007

North Dakota Beauty

The sunflowers are in full bloom in North Dakota. I went for a long drive this weekend. Gorgeous fields. I probably trespassed like crazy to get these pictures!

This was actually the view from the made me think that the sunflowers were ignoring me!


  1. Just viewing the pictures, I'd think you were in Kansas! Are the sunflowers grown for the oil??
    I have one large one in the yard this year, the only one the squirrels couldn't reach. They like to snap off the heads and run off with the seeds. Naughty little creatures.

  2. Hmmm... unfortunately I don't think we're in kansas Toto. Sorry, I couldn't resist! You are an amazing photographer!

  3. I wouldn't have known the answer to the "oil" question except that on the news last evening they were explaining that they needed just 1 more good rainfall to fatten up the seeds so that they can get more oil from them. We also have a lot of canola production here. They are the bright yellow fields in June.