Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tea Party

My new friend Elyse hosted an Afternoon Tea at her home this past Sunday. She had the most delicious assortment of food, including homemade clotted cream and marmalade on scones. Deeelicious!
And, as the icing on the lemon layer cake, a young woman that a few of us ladies have been ministering to, and praying for, gave her life to Christ in Elyse's livingroom after the Tea.
What would have been a good time ended up being so much more.


  1. I was at an antique shop down the street a few days ago and they had some beautiful bowls and cups and saucers and I thought of you.

    I love hearing how and where people give their lives over. It is so cool it makes me want to burst!

  2. What a bright spot this must have been in the midst of a long, hard winter!